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Tell You What I Said (Apologies to Ray Charles): Richard Crasta Interview

RICHARD CRASTA'S INTERVIEW WITH THE HINDU, a major Indian newspaper published from multiple Indian cities, 2010: Full Text and Clarifications. To fill in the gaps in sense and context that may have been caused by the abbreviated version that was published, here are the questions that I received and my written answers (some of the questions read like shorthand, but we writers have to work within these parameters). This interview is fixated on the novel's subversive title and its apparent (superficial) subject; there have been other interviews with a different focus, for example at :

1)‘The Revised Kamasura’ and a subtitle saying ‘The Novel’, is it some clarification for people to not get confused? A: The first edition came with the subtitle: “A Novel of Colonialism and Desire with Arbitrary Footnotes & a Whimsical Glossary”. To any intelligent and literary reader, that subtitle instantly telegraphs …