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The joy of watching your 87-year-old father autograph his first book

The story is told in EATEN BY THE JAPANESE, which is now also available in paperback from and as an e-book from many different platforms.

The joy of seeing my father do this (yes, I was the photographer):

That's my father on the left, and he is signing the first edition. (The new paperback, with this photograph, is the third edition).

The book is available at:

At last, a web site that doesn't look like Baghdad or Fallujah

At last, a web site that doesn't look like Baghdad or Fallujah after Donald Ducksfeld, I mean, Rumsfeld was done with it: for years, I was stuck with a godawful mess that claimed to be my web site. I have no web design capabilities, and could not afford a professional designer. Until I met Frits Mulder of Cambodesign ( who has come up with a gorgeous design, and did it purely out of his humanity and the goodness of his heart.

Of course, as it's new, there are still more than a few things to do to make it better and worth your time. Please don't hesitate to write to me, at the contact form on the website, telling me of any problems that you encountered, or any suggestions to improve the site.

I now have access to the Wordpress software for running the site; it is mega-easy and smart, compared to the FrontPage that I was using all this time. God bless Wordpress. (I mean "God" as a figure of speech: goodness, fate, …

The joys and PERILS of the Creative Life & the HarperCollins book cover

Not many people understand how tough it is to be a writer on the edge of survival with seven serious books in progress. Many offer me free advice.

But here is a link to a post by a creative soul who expresses how complicated it all is:

Of my many challenges, one is finding the right covers for my books, and getting people to comment on which they like better, or getting people to leave reviews for my books. This spectacular cover, for example: in addition to the artist's effort, it took nearly 2 months for us to get it right; it was also partly the resulte of my insistence on a high standard of quality, and the designer's (Chandan Crasta, no relative) understanding and talent:

It is the HarperCollins India version, one of around 15 covers in existence (unfortunately, I did not receive permission to use the design on my other editions).

So it goes.

Happy Diwali, and New Books

Wishing my readers a Happy Diwali, and here's some news from my side:

I just completed two long-planned, semi-completed projects yesterday and today:

1. Published a new paperback of EATEN THE JAPANESE: THE MEMOIR OF AN UNKNOWN INDIAN PRISONER OF WAR, a World War story: a picture of events that have received little publicity. It is available for purchase on Createspace right away, here:
and on Amazon here: