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The Empire Bites Back

The Empire Bites Back is my new collection of humor for those with an anti-colonialist spirit and who are looking for Politically Incorrect Humor from an Indian Writer partially colonized by the American Empire, and yet without having lost some capacity to bite back.

It is also for those who are NOT interested in smartass answers from children with precociously adult language.

My comic influences are wide-ranging, and include Mark Twain, British humorists such as Evelyn Waugh, P.G. Wodehouse, Monty Python; the Marx Brothers, George Carlin and American standup comics, Punch, The New Yorker, and others.

In it, I provide the complete "Death of a Minister"--my answer to every corrupt Indian politician from Lalu to Suresh Kalmady.

I hope you like it.

Here is the url:

The Scott Meredith Literary Agency

A few pages from the chapters SCOTT MEREDITH LITERARY AGENCY from my book THE KILLING OF AN AUTHOR.


If there are thirty things about myself that I hate—and there are possibly more—then Number 23 is my discomfort with the law, a discomfort that makes me sweat or become self-conscious when a cop or a customs officer gives me the once-over or the twice-over (even though, nearly a hundred percent of the time, I have done nothing to be afraid of—don’t snort or smoke or booze or brawl or spit or pee on the pavement, and dreaming of making whoopee with the woman in front of me is not, as far as I know, a felony). So when, in May 1981, I graduated from my Master’s Degree program in Literature and Journalism at American University in Washington D.C.—my stepping stone to the Great American Writing Dream, along with a course in Book Editing at Harvard University’s summer school, taught by a senior Little, Brown editor with the help of Strunk & White and Wor…