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Eaten by the Japanese, A Memoir of Forgotten Prisooners of War

A large number of Indians who fought in World War II, and behaved with dignity and rectitude, have been forgotten by their fellowmen, and the Japanese who imprisoned them. The story is told through the memoir of one man:

ZoomShare your own customer images EATEN BY THE JAPANESE: The Memoir of an Unknown Indian Prisoner of War [Kindle Edition]John Baptist Crasta (Author), Richard Crasta (Editor, Introduction)
"A war memoir that ranks with the best" and a heartwarming father-son story, "Eaten by the Japanese" is an ideal gift for Father's Day, indeed a basic human story for any occasion.

The story begins in Singapore, and then quickly progresses to a Japanese invasion, surrender, the Torture Ship, the Indian National Army, survival, cannibalism, rescue . . . this shocking and poignant World War II and its forgotten Indian Prisoners of War has never been told before, and never by one of its actor-victims, an ordinary Indian soldi…