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My Name is Khan, and I am Not a Terrorist

No, not me. My name is not Khan, and I do occasionally terrorize ants . . . I think. You'd have to ask the ants, because I haven't had positive confirmation of this suspicion, but I imagine that seeing a giant like me try to wipe out a few dozen of them with the help of a tissue . . . how could that not be terror?

The reason I titled this post "My Name is Khan, and I am Not a Terrorist," is that I have just returned from seeing the movie My Name is Khan--and, exiting the movie, I greeted the cinema's manager and shook his hands while saying to him, "My Name is Khan, and I am Not a Terrorist."

The movie was liberating to me as a few other movies have been--Django Unchained is a recent one, but there have been a few others that are better--and I believe that it ought to be seen by every American, and every person in the West. I believe it ought to be compulsory viewing, just as the Declaration of Independence and at least one Shakespeare play are compuls…