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Where Did You Find the Courage?

It was at a New Year's Party in Mangalore, possibly in 1999, or at the turn of the Millennium, that a relative who had read my book (and there are very few of those--my relatives are mostly non-readers) approached me and asked me, "Where did you find the courage?" He had just read a recent book of mine. Later, I would be told by another reader and passionate fan who searched me out and found me, "I never knew books such as this could be published!"

Well, my friends and well-wishers, it's getting harder, because of certain choices I made, to be an independent publisher, have exhausted me financially, and because it's not enough to publish a book, as an independent; you have to market it, and the algorithm gods have to favor you, or your book's existence will not even be known.

A few of my books were pure joy to write (though hard work to edit--I sometimes edit a book as many as 30 times). For example: Jesus and Pals Explain Their Daddy Issues and Wh…