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Impressing the Whites Authors Disclaimer and Reviews

AUTHOR'S DISCLAIMER (applies more or less to all of Richard Crasta's books): Any resemblance to real persons or books living or murdered is purely coincidental. Void where fatwahed, and fatwahed almost everywhere. Some assembly of facts and intelligence required. Batteries not included. Contents may settle during reading or as a result of heavy drinking. Use only as directed; misuse permitted only to critics who have made up their minds before reading this book. Do not read while operating a motor vehicle or a vibrator. Little Ayatollahs not yet proven to be blood relations of the original Ayatollah. This is a book that combines satire with truthful, passionate, sincere, and idealistic observations. It is a unique mix that has been a trademark of the author’s writing (though more so in some books than in others), and its intention is to oppose hypocrisy, racism, oppression of any kind, and all forms of injustice. The book must be read in that spirit, and in the context of the s…