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The India Abroad and other reviews of "The Revised Kama Sutra""

Like R. K. Narayan, who wrote in "My Days" that if he could have told the story of his novel "The Guide" in a few sentences, he wouldn't have taken 90,000 words to do it, I find myself at a loss to answer a question such as, "What is your novel about?"--when the question is put to me by a new acquaintance regarding my novel "The Revised Kama Sutra." I wish to reply: "Almost anything and everything you can think of!" Or: "It would be easier to tell you what it is NOT about." (Or, to the equally difficult question: "What do you write about?": "The sex life of mosquitoes." "The love lives of Chlamydomonas.")

Anyway, on a recent trip to the U.S., I uncovered a few of my old reviews, and one of these was this review of "The Revised Kama Sutra" by Shivaji Sengupta in "India Abroad," New York., and think it is one of the most intelligent and well-phrased answers to this question…

Amazon Kindle arrives in India

The Amazon Kindle e-reader has arrived in Indian stores, and Amazon has opened its publishing platform to Indians. To celebrate this, I have reduced the Indian prices of some of my books to encourage my Indian readers to go ahead and get themselves a digital copy of my books. The Kindle platform presents one big advantage to an Indian independent writer: freedom of expression, and the ability to bypass gatekeepers and distributors and reach the reader instantly, without shipping or other costs. For this one reason alone, Indian independent writers who publish on the Kindle deserve the support of fellow Indians and others; for with its feudal traditions, cronyism, and corruption, India needs writers who write without fear of being muzzled or shut out by the Gatekeepers of Publishing and by the government.

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