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Impressing the Whites

Update: I am delighted that 12 Years a Slave received an Oscar for Best Picture--it should be made compulsory viewing for every high school and college student. I salute the courage of Brad Pitt for having made it.

On the subject of racism:
HERE IS THE BLURB of my book, Impressing the Whites:The New International Slavery

•   How did Salman Rushdie end up becoming a Western sacred cow (i.e. a true Moo-Salman?)
•   How can East and West live together with greater authenticity, mutual recognition, and respect?
•   Who uttered the immortal words, “If you wish to succeed in the West, impress the whites!”
•   For whom is this a golden rule: "Do not fire your pen guns until you hear the Ayes of the whites"?
•   What is the New Spiritual Colonialism?
•   How do the suave and wise French keep their African ex-colonies happy?
•   What are the rules for Asian and African writers wishing to win the Booker Prize?
•   What is the Occidental Cow, and how many billion teats does it have? H…