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New Year Book suggestions: Author's Recommendations

Assuming you're an adventurous, open-minded reader who hates following the herd, perhaps you may like a few recommendations from among my many books? Well, here goes:

"Rife with inventive comic imagery as “A Confederacy of Dunces,” insightful, subtly searing as “Catcher in the Rye." 5-star review

The Revised Kama Sutra is, despite its name, about much, much more than sex; but if you prefer the portion of it that deals with childhood, then I suggest One Little Indian, which is much shorter, and in which the emphasis is much more on childhood and growing up.

Shorter, and very different, is the next book, described as "hysterical" and "for the rebel in you" (equally funny, if you don't want the "parenting" parody, is The Empire Bites Back), on some platforms under the pseudonym "Benny Profane."

The Empire Bites Back includes all the humor essays of the above, except for the wisecracking child; it is also more political…