Fathers and Sons, War and Love (3 Book Bundle)

Three generations of fathers and sons come together in "Fathers and Sons, War and Love," which consists of 3 books in one bundle. The first book, "Eaten by the Japanese," is the World War II memoir of John Baptist Crasta, the father of Richard Crasta, who is an editor and minor co-author of his father's memoir, and the author of "Father, Rebel, Dreamer" and  "Letters to My Sons." [June 2015 expanded edition.]

"Eaten by the Japanese," written by a recuperating John Baptist Crasta in 1946, was published by his son just two years before his father's death; the act of reading and publishing his 87-year-old father's almost forgotten memoir was a process of discovery and reconciliation for the son.

The second book consists of fictional and nonfictional reflections, essays, and humor loosely collected around the theme of "Father, Rebel, Dreamer."

The third book is a book of letters from a father to his sons: poignant, loving, unique, telling a story through letters. In that the story is not fully resolved, the book mirrors the reality of life--for the human story never ends; and yet each individual story, like every snowflake, is one of a kind.

This new edition contains moving new material: the final Epilogue, titled "The Second Torture of John Baptist Crasta."

Richard Crasta is the author of 12 other books of fiction, nonfiction, satire, humor, biography, and cultural and political critique. The late John Baptist Crasta died in 1999, two years after the publication of his memoir, which was written in 1946.


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