At last, a web site that doesn't look like Baghdad or Fallujah

At last, a web site that doesn't look like Baghdad or Fallujah after Donald Ducksfeld, I mean, Rumsfeld was done with it: for years, I was stuck with a godawful mess that claimed to be my web site. I have no web design capabilities, and could not afford a professional designer. Until I met Frits Mulder of Cambodesign ( who has come up with a gorgeous design, and did it purely out of his humanity and the goodness of his heart.

Of course, as it's new, there are still more than a few things to do to make it better and worth your time. Please don't hesitate to write to me, at the contact form on the website, telling me of any problems that you encountered, or any suggestions to improve the site.

I now have access to the Wordpress software for running the site; it is mega-easy and smart, compared to the FrontPage that I was using all this time. God bless Wordpress. (I mean "God" as a figure of speech: goodness, fate, luck, the Universe.)

On the whole, my presence on the Web, my posts, tweets, and all of that, have just one object: to persuade enough people to buy books that I can exist from month to month without scrambling around for a few dollars to pay the rent. Ideally, if the books sold by themselves, I could spend more time completing my seven books in progress.


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