Happy Diwali, and New Books

Wishing my readers a Happy Diwali, and here's some news from my side:

I just completed two long-planned, semi-completed projects yesterday and today:

1. Published a new paperback of EATEN THE JAPANESE: THE MEMOIR OF AN UNKNOWN INDIAN PRISONER OF WAR, a World War story: a picture of events that have received little publicity. It is available for purchase on Createspace right away, here: https://www.createspace.com/4014767
and on Amazon here:
It is the latest edition (with some corrections, extra explanations), of a book that was praised by General V.P. Malik, Khushwant Singh, and others.
The second piece of news is a book I also have waited to complete and publish for 8.5 years. It is a short, short book, but meant for a special audience (and a small one), so needs to be priced accordingly, and is: 

I wish you good luck on Diwali and for the new year, and hope you will both consider these books, and pass the links on to your friends:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00A5M7LVY

The Memory Tax: This is one tax I do wish my candidate, President Obama, reduces, balancing it by increasing taxes on the wealthy.



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