The joys and PERILS of the Creative Life & the HarperCollins book cover

Not many people understand how tough it is to be a writer on the edge of survival with seven serious books in progress. Many offer me free advice.

But here is a link to a post by a creative soul who expresses how complicated it all is:

Of my many challenges, one is finding the right covers for my books, and getting people to comment on which they like better, or getting people to leave reviews for my books. This spectacular cover, for example: in addition to the artist's effort, it took nearly 2 months for us to get it right; it was also partly the resulte of my insistence on a high standard of quality, and the designer's (Chandan Crasta, no relative) understanding and talent:

It is the HarperCollins India version, one of around 15 covers in existence (unfortunately, I did not receive permission to use the design on my other editions).

So it goes.


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