Excerpt from The Killing of an Author interview

How do you feel about the initial reception to The Killing of an Author?

I have written a brave book, and published it as I said I would, almost against all odds, a book that would take a huge endowment of balls for any writer in any part of the world to write. The book has been sent to around twenty reviewers, and three have so far reviewed it, with varying degrees of focus and concentration—but I congratulate them and their editors for their courage in any case. Khushwant Singh and The Week magazine have in effect declared that the book exists, and it has been baptized; therefore, it exists, it is a fait accompli. If the book does not reach bookstores and people, if it is secretly and effectively banned by a cunning and secretive coterie, and if it is not read, and if people are indifferent, it is India ’s shame, the people’s shame, and Indian democracy’s shame, not mine.

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