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These few paperbacks of mine have been published on Createspace and are also available more conveniently from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.You may save a few days by ordering from Amazon, but if you're not in a hurry, the author gets a slightly higher royalty for books ordered directly from Createspace.
Createspace is a Print-on-Demand service. If you order one copy, they print just that one copy for you, and then ship it to you. As the overheads are higher for producing a single copy, the books cost a couple of dollars more than mass-printed ones (in addition to which, Createspace makes a profit on each printing, following which Amazon or other distributors take their cut for selling the book); but for an author with small means, Print on Demand is better than having no paperback book available at all. 

To order these books from Amazon:
I Will Not Go the F**k to Sleep (paperback) :

(This and the next book: they are both anthologies of humor, with the Special Edition having additional material. They include some of my best political, social, and American satire--strangely enough, this is my bestselling Createspace book)

I Will Not Go the F**k to Sleep (Special edition):

Eaten by the Japanese (latest edition):
(A World War II POW story, of my father's captivity and release; veterans love it; fathers love it. The British seem to love this book. It has been a constant seller, and the language is very accessible and human.)

If you order directly from Createspace (rather than from Amazon or other retailers), these discounts are available (use the coupon code):

I Will Not Go the F**k to Sleep (paperback) :
(Please use this discount code to get a $2 discount: 47QE73TF )

I Will Not Go the F**k to Sleep (Special edition): 

Eaten by the Japanese (latest edition):

You can also buy paperback books directly from or from in which the seller is "richardcrasta".
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