No Sex Please, You Are Indians!

No Sex Please, You Are Indians! is the ironic title of my partly humorous book, a collection of 4 long essays (including one interview) just published on Amazon Kindle, and a fifth essay (an excerpt from a different book) which explains the title. All of these essays (but the fifth one) are from my controversial second book, Beauty Queens, Children and the Death of Sex, which was published by HarperCollins India in 1997. It and similar free-spirited books, coming from an Id, from a character rather than from me, are published under the pseudonym, Vijay Prabhu.

Why the title No Sex Please, You are Indians? What was the controversy about Beauty Queens, Children, and the Death of Sex? Why was the book restricted in distribution? You will have to discover the answer for yourself by reading the book--well, the full book is not yet published as an e-book (it's a project I'll soon get down to), but meanwhile, this short book collects four of the most controversial chapters relating to Sex and Indians (or Indians and Sex; or Indians and Sexlessness).


Admittedly, we do have a national split-personality about sex. As Dr. Sudhir Kakar, an expert in this field, admits in a recent Outlook  magazine interview: we have in our culture both an ascetic and a conservative sexual tradition, as well as a liberal and sensual one, the latter to be observed in the legends about certain sexually playful and voracious gods, in temple carvings, in sexual literature and sacred literature (including the Shiva Purana), and in tantric sects. This results in our confusion, and since the puritanical tradition is at the moment the dominant one, we end up becoming even more alienated from our sexual instincts than we already were.


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Oh, by the way, a related incident and memory: In the late Nineties, I found myself in a conference of medical doctors, and was seated next to a middle-aged woman doctor. I don't remember if she introduced herself, but the first thing she said to me was not, "Hello!" but "Tell me about the subjugation of women in India."
I don't even want to think about what this woman might say if she were seated next to me today, but if I had a chance, I would send a her a gift copy of No Sex Please, You are Indians!


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