Digital Books and Why Paper Books Are Forever

I have recently decided to make more of my digital books available as paperbacks, as I realize many readers either refuse to read e-books or greatly prefer physical books. I, too, delight in the pleasure of turning pages, making markings, and the smell and feel of a new book; and, deep in my heart, I have always known that the paper book will never die. If I could afford them, I would have both kinds at my disposal.

Below, for your convenience (as the search function may not turn up all my books), are the links to my paperbacks on Amazon (also available at a few other sites). However, I would greatly prefer (if you could afford it) that you buy my books direct from Createspace including my "Benny Profane" books, as Amazon and other retailers take a big cut out of an author's royalties, and independent writing is a tough profession for all but the top 1% by sales (who are often very different from the top 1% by quality):

The Last Catholic Colony: Createspace paperback:
(You can also buy Createspace paperbacks from Amazon, which pays me a bit less (but is cheaper for you), but if you don't FIND it on Amazon, please order directly from Createspace)

HUMOR COLLECTION (good as a gift to anyone with a sense of humor; and what better gift is there than laughter?):

I Will Not Go the F**k to Sleep (paperback):

I Will Not Go the F**k to Sleep (Special Edition) --same as above, with more essays):

Eaten by the Japanese:The Memoir of an Unknown Indian Prisoner of War (2 editions, one has larger print and an extra essay):

The Man-eaters of Malgoonda and the Last Days of Louella Lobo Prabhu:

Please expect more books in the next few weeks (you can search for "Crasta"). As for my other paperback books, please contact me or search the Net.
Thank you.


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