John Kennedy (Death Anniversary Today), Jackie Kennedy Played Role in Indian Novel

It surprises me now, to think about it: how huge a role John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy (more the former than the latter, who visited India) played in India in the 1960s. Most Indians had very few role models, and very little access to international media. Our own media was very undeveloped, our only stars were Gandhi and Nehru.

Thus, John F. Kennedy, whose death drew banner headlines in Indian newspapers, completely pushing out other news from Page 1, also plays a part in my novel The Revised Kama Sutra, and so, surprisingly, does Jackie--who plays a bigger part (a fiction within the novel).

I'm still absolutely stunned by Oliver Stone's JFK, and believe that the killing of JFK was an inside job ... meaning, possibly, the Mafia under secret directions from someone powerful inside the government. A pity we may never know the real truth.

Of course, to describe my novel as an "Indian" novel is only around 90% correct. A bit more than two significant chapters are set in America, and I think of the book as universal; but John F. Kennedy and Jackie appear in the Indian sections. 


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