Reviews of The Killing of an Author

A few other reviews of The Killing of an Author that I wish to share with my blog readers (more in a different post):

"You are funny and delightful . . . and nowhere are you too heavy to carry. I've never read anyone like you. I laugh, I ache, I smile, I cry - but never close the book without that smile surfacing."--Sheelagh Grenon, Canada

From Jesus B. Torres, Commander, Marine Corps, and author:
"I am not an avid reader as I'd like to be but after having Richard Crasta over for a meal and conversing with him, I realized that one of the newly acquired goals I self-realized was to read that book. Normally I'm a thin-skinned reader who winces at the thought of multiple consonant words which there are a myriad of, but I've never, "And the Rock says NEVER" enjoyed a book as thoroughly as I have with this one.....applause to Mr. Crasta for his hilarious breakthrough on what the hell it takes to get a book published. It almost cost him what's left of his soul....If I were a mutant, I'd give him three thumbs up. I can't wait to read his Revised Kama Sutra."

Women have loved this book--and I was touched to find a woman bookstore manager constantly recommending it to her customers.


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