New books for Christmas 2012 and the New Year

As this is the season for receiving and giving gifts, and for reading (long nights), joy, and laughter, I am pleased to announce a few new books--humor, fiction, autobiography, political satire, serious commentary, a wide variety for different tastes--that have been published on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, Apple Itunes, Barnes and Noble Nook, Kobo, Createspace, and Lulu. And, as independent publishing has become very easy and therefore very overcrowded and cutthroat (sometimes it is a huge feat to sell even 1 or 2 copies of a book in a month, if at all), I really depend on you to take a chance on the kind of writer who has, in the main, followed his own Muse.

Not all of my books are available on all platforms, but if you download Calibre (a free program), you can convert any major ebook file into a file that will suit your type of reader, in most cases.

Here are a few new books, and there is a whole range of new books awaiting completion and release, and which depend, partly, on the income coming in from sales of these books (nonconformist literary writers have a hard time getting around, as on the whole, we don't follow trends):

And: NO SEX, PLEASE: YOU ARE INDIANS!  (4 long essays that make up the essence of my controversial book, Beauty Queens, Children and the Death of Sex):

A few of these books have been rescued from unpublication (they were briefly published, then unpublished):

LORD BUSH OF IRAQ (short political satire for Bushophobes)
TELL YOUR SHEEP TO BLEEP BO-PEEP (general humor anthology)

Among the books that have reached the most readers and received the most critical attention:
THE REVISED KAMA SUTRA: A NOVEL (biggest, best-reviewed book)*
IMPRESSING THE WHITES (well-reviewed, controversial, thought-provoking)
THE KILLING OF AN AUTHOR (also well-reviewed, censored)
EATEN BY THE JAPANESE: THE MEMOIR OF AN UNKNOWN INDIAN PRISONER OF WAR (short but well-loved, also in paperback from Createspace or Amazon).

THE EMPIRE BITES BACK: Which is essentially my earlier anthology of humor above without the child-parent humor or the f-word title. If I am able to reach sufficient numbers of people with this, I may discontinue the other title.
Here are the links to the individual platforms:

from,,, and
I Will Not Go the F**k to Sleep (paperback) :
I Will Not Go the F**k to Sleep (Paperback special edition):
Eaten by the Japanese (latest edition):

Please search for "Richard Crasta", "Benny Profane," and "John Baptist Crasta" (my father; I''ve added a few essays to his memoir).


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